vGRID is a purpose built platform
providing high performance cloud services, on demand

Introducing the vGRID suite of cloud services

Keep your files safe

Use vGRID Protect to securely backup your precious data as often as every minute.

Total Protection

Servers On-Demand

Instantly deploy Enterprise infrastructure services via the vGRID self-service portal.

Reliable Platforms

Exchange Mail

Exchange Mail on vGRID is a compelling solution for utilising the world's leading email and collaboration platform, all accessible in one place.

Work from anywhere

High Performance Desktop

Using VMware View and NVIDIA GRID to deliver exceptional desktop performace from vGRID.

Hardware Acceleration

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VMware Partner

Virtual servers on vGRID will reduce your capital and operating costs, increase flexibility and benefit from high availability enterprise infrastructure.

New Relic Partner

We have partnered with New Relic, an industry leader in Performance Monitoring tools, to provide all customers with New Relic Standard for free!

Microsoft Exchange Partner

Exchange Mail on vGRID is a compelling solution, utilising the world's leading email and collaboration platform. Exchange stores everything centrally.

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